Emergency Medical Translator

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  • 12 Languages - Questions and statements in English with 12 additional translations: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi (Persian), French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog (Filipino), and Vietnamese.

  • 11 Pages of Symbols - Understand the situation by use of symbols, diagrams, and images.

  • Language Identification - Two pages of flags with corresponding languages to aid in identifying the language when seeking an interpreter.

Designed for emergency medical situations. For use by paramedics, EMTs, nurses, doctors, first aiders and other first responders who encounter language barriers during patient assessments and treatments. 


How does it work?

Quick and easy. No pronunciations required.

Just point and observe the patient’s responses.

  • First locate the language of your patient by showing the patient the list of languages and flags. 

  • Next, go to the page with the desired language.

  • Flip the two outside English language covers over the inside target language pages.

  • Identify the English translation using the number.

  • Flip up the cover.

  • Point to the corresponding word or phrase of the target language translation so the patient can see.

  • Look for the patient’s reaction.

Most questions prompt a yes/no answer or for the patient to point to their injury site.

In other questions you can refer to the symbol section in the second half of the booklet to aid in obtaining answers. 



Symbols & diagrams

11 additional pages of descriptive symbols and diagrams to aid with situational awareness, injury cause, and medical history taking from non-English speaking patients. 

These sections include:

  • signs and symptoms

  • injury causes

  • bites and stings

  • allergies and poisons

  • falls and crashes

  • medications and medical procedures.


Reference & Conversion

Use the handy built in ruler showing both centimetres/millimetres, and inches.

Conversion charts include:

  • Metres to feet

  • Kilometres per hour to miles per hour

  • Celsius to Fahrenheit

  • Kilograms to Pounds

Three pages of reference and conversion diagrams include time, colours, weather, numbers, letters, math calculations, and more. 

Pocket sized

Pocket Size

Conveniently sized at just 14.5cm x 9.5 cm (5 3/4" x 3 3/4") the Emergency Medical Translator booklet is designed to fit in your uniform shirt pockets, cargo pockets, or your back pocket. 

The booklet weighs under 100g (3.5 oz) making it very lightweight for its size.


Easy Clean, Durable Material

The Emergency Medical Translator is made from 100% synthetic materials that will not be damaged by medical disinfectants such as Metrex Cavi Wipes or Accel PREVention RTU Wipes.

It is also waterproof and you can write on it with dry erase markers.

29.99 34.99
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