Sleep Mask - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sleep mask made from?

The outside layers are made from bamboo materials that are soft, breathable and naturally hypoallergenic. It feels silky soft and is non-abrasive making it great for sensitive skin. Our soft interior memory foam is not rigid allowing it to snugly fit your face blocking out light while retaining its original shape. All of our products are BPA free and latex free.

What are the benefits of the deep contour design?

By incorporating a 3D design that provides contoured eye spaces, the mask does not come in contact with eyelashes or put pressure on your eyelids. This encourages deeper sleep because it doesn't interfere with REM (rapid eye movement) during deep sleep and dream phases.

Can I wear the mask with contact lenses?

Yes. The pressure-free design will not press your eyelid against the lens causing discomfort.

The contours ensure the mask doesn't rub against your nose and unlike other masks that cover the nose, Sleeping Panda sleep masks do not touch the surface of the nose ensuring the mask fits all faces while still blocking light.

Does the mask fit everyone?

Our masks are one-size fits most. Large and small heads and different face shapes fit our sleep mask. We designed the mask for adults so some smaller children may not tolerate the mask and the fit may not be appropriate. The strong elasticated mask strap can be adjusted so it won't be too tight or too loose.

Will the mask masks catch my hair or bedsheets?

Unlike many sleep masks, our masks do not contain velcro - the most common cause of hair snags or catching on bedsheets and clothing. The mask is adjustable and designed not to put pressure on your ears or temples.

I'm a restless sleeper. Will the mask fall off?

Side sleepers, back sleepers, restless sleepers and chronic nappers can all use our mask with the comfort in knowing it fits snug and, even if you move around a lot, the mask should remain in place. The velcro-free design also ensures there are no lumps in the strap so the back and sides of your head will be comfortable against your pillow.

What other uses does the Sleeping Panda mask have?

Anytime you want to block out the light. This includes power naps, travel (great for reducing jet lag), shift work, yoga, meditation, or even medical conditions such as eye fatigue, headaches and migraines or photophobia.

Will the sleep mask mess up my make-up?

No. The design ensures it will not touch your eyelids so mascara will not come in contact with the mask. Other face make-up around your eyes shouldn't smudge because the mask is very gentle in the way it contacts your skin.

Does this make a good gift?

Absolutely! Our mask set comes in a nicely packaged box great for presentations and gifts. Masks are unisex suitable for men and women.

Will the sleep mask leave marks on my bed sheets?

No. Our masks have been tested to ensure they are colour fast so they will not stain or mark bedsheets or clothing.

How do I care for my sleep mask?

The best wash advice is to clean it gently by hand in warm water. Avoid any harsh cleaning agents or chemicals that may cause the mask integrity to deteriorate. Lay the mask flat to dry out. Do not wring it or force the water out.

What is included in the sleep mask set?

Every Sleeping Panda kit includes:

  • Luxury bamboo sleep mask
  • Pair of soft comfort, reusable earplugs
  • Plastic earplug case
  • Draw-string travel bag