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  • DEEPER SLEEP - The adjustable, comfortable fit with deep contours prevent eye pressure and contact with eyelashes promoting deep REM sleep suitable for side, back and restless sleepers.
  • GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - Made from naturally soft, eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo materials. Our sleep mask is breathable, hypoallergenic and BPA/latex free
  • SNAG FREE - Our adjustable velcro-free strap means no lumps or catching of hair, clothing or bed sheets that fits large and small heads/faces.

Sleeping Panda sleep masks are luxury, natural bamboo, pressure-free eye masks designed for sleeping, napping and relaxing. Bamboo is naturally breathable and antibacterial adding to the more restful sleep the mask is designed to promote. The deeply contoured shape blocks out 100% of the light while preventing any contact with the mask from eyelashes, eyelids or makeup making it perfect for light sleepers, those suffering insomnia or if you simply want to take a power nap at work.